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  Permanent installations  
  Show productions JMR Aquapaint RGB LED Lighting System.

Aquapaint is the most powerful LED lighting system for underwater applications.
The system is the result of many years of experience in water shows, lighting, entertainment and involved technologies.
The rugged lamp, with it’s fully watertight enclosure made of solid brass, uses the best power LED’s available today, ensuring the highest possible luminous flux per watt.
Together with a versatile 3 channel LED driver, an optimum combination is formed, that offers a safe and robust lighting solution for even the most demanding situations.

The JMR Aquapaint RGB LED Lighting System, which is in-house developed and produced, is now also for rent!



    Technical specifications Aquapaint LED lamp:

LED type: : Luxeon Rebel
red leds : 18
green leds : 18
blue leds : 16
temperature sensor : NTC 10kO
luminous flux per color R/G/B : 1260 / 3600 / 448*
total luminous flux : 5300 lm
total power consumption : 118 Watt
radiation angle : 5° to 20° (depends on applied led lenses)
lamp body material : brass
front screen material : high impact resistant glass
gaskets : silicon rubber
ingress protection : IP68
size : Ø 260 x 55 mm / Ø 10,2 x 2,1 inch
weight : 7,5 kg / 16,5 lbs

(* luminous flux is related to human eye sensivity to colors. Efficiency of blue leds is relatively higher than lum. flux values may suggest)

    Technical specifications Aquapaint LED driver:

interfaces: : USB, isolated DMX
led driver type : switch mode, step down, constant current
microcontroller type : ARM
input voltage : 24..48 volt DC
input voltage - output voltage : 2..30 volt (at maximum load)
maximum output current : 3 x 2A
common output leds : 0 volt (ground)
efficiency : > 95%
advised cooling capacity : Rth < 2°C/W
dimming resolution : 256 steps
dimming regulation : DC (no PWM)
dimming curve : lineair or logarithmic
monitoring functions : driver and lamp temperature, output, under/overvoltage
DMX interface isolation : > 3kV
DMX protocol : DMX-512
DMX channels : 5 (channel 1, 2, 3, color mix, master, brightness)
size : 120 x 56 x 23 mm / 0,5 x 2,2 x0,9 inch (bare PCB size, without enclosure)
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